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November 1965 to April 1980 "A Short Thousand years" Created by Len Morison ancestry@dunmor.freeserve.co.uk

A Fantastic Worlds game scenario for Civilization II

Thank you for downloading this scenario. I hope that you enjoy playing this, as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Enclosed in this zip file is the following items: rhodesia.scn / rhodesia.txt / events / rules / rhodesia.txt / readme / history / units / icons / terrain1 / title / cities / city / pedia / people / sound folder (containing several wav files)

INSTALL In your Civ2 directory / scenario folder, create a new folder and name it 'RHODESIA'. Place all the above files into this new folder.

OPENING TITLE IMAGE The opening image is a background of the Rhodesian green and white flag. In the center is a geographical outline of Rhodesia. Into the outline is a scene from the famous painting of the 1898 Shangani Patrol and the Rhodesian premier Ian Smith. The other main historical personalities are depicted around the map. Rhodesia's national flower, the flame lily, completes the picture.

GAME MAP The game map was created from a 1956 World Atlas, specifically of ^southern Africa. This accurately indicates place names of the period and their locations.

UNITS Most of the game units are new images and depict those of the time.

TERRAIN Typical Rhodesian 'thorn forest' terrain has been created. African Springbok and elephant replace the usual American fauna.

TECHNOLOGY Technology has been renamed and in some cases the image was changed.

PLAYERS Each of the players has fixed types of government, appropriate technology and fixed technological goals. One, possibly two new technologies may be discovered during the game but apart from the first, is not essential.

THE GAME The main point of the scenario is the struggle between the black nationalist groups and Ian Smith's white ruled Rhodesia.

The antagonists are ZAPU-PF led by Joshua Nkomo and ZANU-PF led by Robert Mugabe. They have bases to the north, west and east of Rhodesia.

Surrounding Rhodesia are several 'Frontline States' that support the nationalist groups but take little active part (unless provoked).

South Africa is Rhodesia's economic supporter and sometime war ally.

There were two other conflicts in the region: 1) A guerrilla war between FRELIMO and Portuguese ruled Mozambique. In the game however, FRELIMO already control the country.

2) Rural terrorism between ANC (including SWAPO) and white ruled South Africa and South West Africa (now Namibia).

In reality, the Rhodesian conflict took several years to escalate into a guerrilla bush war. War begins earlier in the game. The date is 1965 but Frelimo is already against Rhodesia. During the game, a few historical events will be displayed on the dates they actually occurred. Some of these events create supporting units at actual locations.

Apart from South Africa, there is no easy player. Somehow, the computer's tribes always seem to have the upper hand. Well, at least in the beginning.

Do not play the Frontline States and if you are playing the Rhodesian's don't antagonize them or the 'war front' will escalate.

HINTS 1) All players have units (Sangoma (witch-doctor) or Infiltrator) capable of stealing technology. Keep 'recce' or 'tracker' unit within your frontline cities to 'see' their approach and destroy these thieves.

2) Make 'Labourers' early to improve farm irrigation or your city will starve and other unit creation will suffer. Watch out for opposing units who regularly destroy irrigation.

HISTORY Read the HISTORY file to get the historical background of the time.



Rhodesia Map.png

Rhodesia SS.png


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