Rise of the Dictators

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It is 1936 and once again Europe is heading towards war. Play as either France, Britain, the USA, Nazi Germany, the USSR (plus Republican Spain), Italy or the Dictatorships (Finland, Nationalist Spain, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria).

Designed as a seven player multiplayer game. I have no idea how this would play in single player mode!

During the course of the PBEM games at Civ Webring a number of issues have arisen, mostly concerning the diplomatic house rules. I intend to fix these issues and release an updated version soon! Europe1936.png


Jerec and the guys at Civ Webring for inspiring me to create this game.

All the guys at Apolyton who have taught me so much and provided so much stimulating conversation.

Case for his excellent Appeasement and Aggression scenario that was the basis for this game.

Fairline for his superb unit graphics that have helped keep CivII going for so long!


Scenario Files

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