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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Captain Nemo.

Additional files for Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition.



Second Front is a scenario about the Normandy invasion in World War II and the ensuing battle (June 6, 1944- August 22, 1944). It is played mostly on a tactical scale. The map represents only Normandy and Southern England and is a large size map, so the scale is approx. 1 mile per square.

The time frame is also expansive, most of the scenario being played in 1-Day turns except for D-Day itself, which takes 10 turns to complete.

The game is playable only as the Allies, however the Human player controls both the Allied Civilization and the Allied Air Force Civilization. The AI controls the German, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine Civilizations.

The game engine is Civ2, Fantastic Worlds version. A version playable in MPGE is also offered, however there are playability issues in MPGE as the game must be played in "Hot-seat" mode and AI moves are not shown on screen. In FW this mode is not necessary since the human player can have control of multiple Civilizations in a "normal" game.


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Version 1.0 (FW and MGE)

Scenario Files for FW (527 kB)

Scenario Files for MGE (532 kB)

Graphics Files (974 kB)

Sound Files (1.54 MB)

Version 1.1 (FW only)

Scenario Files (666 kB)

Graphics Files (Missing)

Sound Files (Missing. Perhaps the same for both versions.)

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