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The Borg incursion has ended (as chronicled in Star Trek: Battle for the Alpha Quadrant) and true to human (or alien) nature, the races of the Alpha Quadrant began fighting among themselves once again. In one such conflict, the CARDASSIANS suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the KLINGONS. They were forced unwittingly into an alliance with the DOMINION from the Gamma Quadrant who sneaked a huge armada through the wormhole at Bajor.

Since then, the Dominion-Cardassian Alliance has conquered several unaligned worlds. With the freedom of the Alpha Quadrant at stake, the FEDERATION had no choice but to ally with the Klingons and declare war. Although reluctant, the ROMULANS are on the verge of joining in the resistance for the sake of their own survival.

Play only as the Federation, repel and destroy the Dominion. As your form of government makes it difficult to field many units in combat at the same time, pay attention to your luxury rate and micro-manage the home cities of your starships.


Dominion War was first released in the Fantastic Worlds format and is the only space scenario by Kobayashi where ocean tiles were not used to represent open space. It is considered by many, including Patrick Choo himself as mentioned in the scenario’s readme file, to be Kobayashi’s best work. The scenario faithfully and painstakingly adheres to the unfolding of events from episode 124 to 176 of Star Trek DS9, covering the invasion of the Alpha Quadrant by the Dominion and the eventual repelling of the invasion by a coalition of Federation, Klingon and Romulan forces. As the Federation, players are required to shift the various member planets into a war time footing and build armadas of starships with different specialties in order to battle the Dominion forces successfully.

One unique aspect of Dominion War was the use of the war epic format. The scenario contained a rich set of sound effects and unfolded in different Acts, each based on story arcs contained within the television series. In the tradition of the great epics, successfully completing a task would unlock the next quest. The second half of the readme file contains the musings of the author regarding the core concepts behind the making of the scenario and makes for interesting reading. The scenario also contained a number of innovative elements including the use of multiple tile terrain patterns and zero-movement-cost terrain, a land-sea checker board scheme to mimic the Cardassian orbital defense platform network and a secondary dungeon map.

At a later stage, the scenario was upgraded to the MGE format. While the storyline remained essentially unchanged, Dominion War was given a richer set of events because of the larger event space allowed under MGE. In addition, newer graphics developed for Star Trek:Battle for Alpha Quadrant ver 3.0 were added and the AI forces were bolstered somewhat.


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