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This scenario starts before 'A New Hope' and does not follow the traditional Star Wars storyline strictly. Two years before Luke Skywalker seeks out Obiwan, Admiral Zaarin, commander of the elite Black Sword Fleet attempts the overthrow of the Emperor, a full decade earlier than in the original timeline. He is partially successful. The Galactic Empire splinters into three major power blocks under the Old Empire, the Second Imperium (the Insurrectionists) and the New Republic (Rebels out of the closet). About two decades (240 turns) of galactic conflict follow and eventually one of these three emerges as the dominant galactic power. The Deathstar battlestation is left uncompleted. There is no Battle of Yavin or Battle of Endor. The rest of the storyline will reveal itself once you play your first turn.

You should play as any one of these powers. There is no turn limit and there are no objective cities. Your goal is simple, you must fully eliminate the the other two major powers to claim victory. The other races are largely irrelevant - but they may help you achieve your goal.


On the surface, Star Wars Insurrection is built off the same mould as Kobayashi's Star Trek:Battle for Alpha Quadrant. Like its predecessor, it has three main protagonist races with their own tech tree branches so the scenario can be used for multi-player games. It also uses a map with similar terrain tiles. On the other hand, there are important differences. The various empires are fully developed at the onset and there is no rush to expand and colonize. Star Wars Insurrection also has a richer selection of land units as Star Trek was never about fighting on the ground.

Breaking the Empire into two was necessitated by game balance. The overwhelming superiority of the Empire over the Rebel forces made it impossible to stick to the movie’s story line unless the scenario was limited to a single-player format. Where possible, the scenario has adhered to the Star Wars Universe. Star Wars enthusiasts will note that Admiral Zaarin, the Black Sword Fleet, Prince Xixor, the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion are all part of the Star Wars novels and not stuff that was pulled out of thin air. The scenario was released before Episode II and so does not use any of ships or characters from the final two movies. Instead, units derived from the Star Wars Rebellion game released by Lucas Arts are used.

Star Wars Insurrection contains the best designed HTML guide to accompany Kobayashi scenarios and anyone playing it should spend some time looking through the comparison tables which are broken down into different unit classes.


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