The African Wars

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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Allard Höfelt.


The Year is 351 BC. Although Thebes is officially the supreme city in Greece, Philippus II, king of the barbaric Macedonians and father of a young boy named Alexander, is busy conquering parts of Greece. The mighty Persian Empire stands at the height of its power, but is starting to show serious signs of weakness, which used to be one of Cyrus the Great's biggest concerns.

However, recently, great changes have changed the relatively stable situation entirely. North-African tribes have united under the mighty king of the Aithiopians. Libya has been conquered and the African troops have started attacking Carthage and Egypt. Both powers are expected to fall soon. The Persian king has mobilized all his troops, from India to Skythia, and has started the counter-offensive. However, if this huge Persian force will lose the doubtlessly greatest of all battles, the entire Persian empire, and also the European mainland lies open for the Africans.

Never before such a great danger has threatened Europe. The only serious hope for survival would be if not only all Greek city-states, but also its great enemy Persia, would rally their forces and crush all African forces.


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