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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Masis Panos.


"Cut down the governors who become overproud. Let no general on campaign have too many resources. Exhaust them with unjust exactions, to keep them busy in their own affairs. Admit no women to the imperial councils. Be accessible to no one. Share with few your most intimate plans."

- Bardas Skleros, to Basil II, Bithynia, 989AD

When Basil I came to the throne in 866AD he heralded in a new military era for the Roman Empire1 halting the decline that had set in after the anarchy of the Islamic invasions in the east and south and the Lombard and Slavic invasions in the north. The dynasty he created was known as the Macedonian dynasty2 and lasted until the death of Theodora in 1056AD.

1. The correct name for the otherwise falsely known 'Byzantine Empire' which never existed in reality but was always referred to as the Roman Empire or Romania and its peoples as the Romans by both westerners and easterners in documentation.
2. Though Basil I was an Armenian, one of thousands deported to Thrace during the reign of Maurice 582-602AD in an attempt to stabilise the Danube frontier. Basil's own son Alexander died, possibly poisoned, it was his step son Leo who would create the Macedonian dynasty-so therefore the dynasty had nothing to do with Basil's blood lineage at all.


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