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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Captain Nemo.


It's late in June 1940 and the British have just suffered one of the worst defeats of their history at the hands of Hitler's Wehrmacht. In Belgium and France the troops of the BEF, sent to help your French Allies, were routed by the Germans and ultimately surrounded at Dunkerque. Only through the heroic evacuation operation mounted by the Royal Navy did they escape annihilation, though they had to leave all their heavy weapons behind.

Meanwhile the French armies have been destroyed by the Nazi Panzer divisions, culminating in a humiliating surrender and the occupation of Northern France by the German victors.

Britain now stands alone, still defying the invincible foe... but her situation is desperate. The survivors of Dunkerque and the small Home Guard are ill-equipped to meet the invasion threat. The Home Fleet still outnumbers and outguns the Kriegsmarine, but has been pulled North to protect it against air raids. The Royal Air Force has suffered heavy bomber losses in the Battle of France. Fortunately the Home Defense Fighter squadrons were never committed on the continent and stand ready meet the onslaught.

Across the Channel, the victorious German Generals are planning the invasion of the British Isles. Reichmarshal Hermann Goering, head of the Luftwaffe, has promised to deliver total air superiority over the Channel and Southern England to enable the invasion troops to cross unhampered: THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN is about to begin...


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