The High King of Britain

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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Brian Gottesman.


With the death of the High King Uthur Pendragon, Britain was plunged into war. Arthur, the Regent of Dumnonia, finally managed to end the conflict by defeating eight armies at Lugg Vale. 10 years later, Lancelot of Benoic almost succeeded in seizing the throne of Dumnonia from the newly-acclaimed King Mordred. Lancelot's rebellion has left Dumnonia weak, but Arthur has taken up the reins of power once again and is backed by a coalition of British kingdoms.

Meanwhile, the land-hungry Saxons are pressing hard on the eastern frontiers, with more landless warriors arriving every day. The Saxon kings, Aelle and Cerdic, are united in an uneasy alliance against the Britons, though each longs to betray the other and become Bretwalda, or "Britain-ruler". The Cornish and Irish to the east, the Franks in the south and the Picts to the far north all offer significant threats to both the Britons and Saxons.

Can you defeat the Saxon hordes, unite Britain under your rule, and become the next High King? Or will the last remnant of Roman civilization be wiped from the map by the invaders from across the German Sea?


Pendragon Screen1.png

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Scenario Files (270 kB)

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