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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Stefan Härtel.


The Indo-Iranian tribes, also known as the Arians, wandered into the Iranian plateau around 1700 BC. Here, they met with ancient tribes such as the Elamites, the Babylonians and the Kassites. The Indo-Iranians migrated in several groups, of which the most important ones where the Medes, the Bactrians, the Saca, the Persians and the Sogdians. Though they began settling around 1700 BC, it took some tribes nearly 1000 years to advance into organized cultures, the Medes became the first important Iranian civilization around 800 BC. The Iranians where a member of the Indo-European family, which occupied the territory from today's Portugal to the Indus and from Denmark to Palestine. Other important members where the Celts, Indians, Turks and Sea Peoples. The territory north of the Caspian and Black seas where occupied by Horse nomads, of which the Iranians originated, most importantly Scythians and Kimmerians. These tribes began a short series of conquests around 750 BC. First mentioning of the Persians also dates back from that time, Assyrian inscriptions tell of a nomadic tribe migrating south. The Persians at first settled in Armenia, then migrated south into the modern-day province of Fars. After 220 years of Persian occupation, the Middle east was conquered by the Macedonians, but Iran soon again fell to one of it's tribes, the Parthians. The Persians again took power around 220 BC.


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