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The Korean War By Patrick L Shephard (Patine)



In July, 1945, just weeks before the Empire of Japan surrendered, ending World War II, a secret agreement was made between the United States and the USSR, dividing the Korean Peninsula, which had been a Japanese territory since 1895, into two zones of occupation at the 38th Parallel, with the Americans controlling the area to the south, and the Soviets controlling the area to the north. Though the division was meant to be temporary, Josef Stalin backed the establishment of a pro-Soviet, Communist regime in the northern half, centred in Pyongyang, which was lead by former anti-Japanese guerilla, Chinese Communist Party member, and Red Army officer Kim Il-sung, placed as head of the Korean People's Commitee by Stalin himself. As well, the US backed Syngman Rhee, a pro-Western despot, in his move to drive Communism from the southern half and establish a capitalistic state. Syngman's moves against the Korean Worker's Party, centred in Seoul (where Syngman made his capital) and purges by Kim in the north, solidified both Korean leaders' power, putting Kim in firm command of the KWP and Syngman in solid power in Seoul. Thus, in 1948, the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) were both proclaimed as seperate nations. Things were not peaceful in this division, however, and Kim gathered a large army, including Soviet-equipped tanks and aircraft, and planned an end to his pro-Western southern neighbour. The Chinese Revolution in 1949 lead to another friendly Communist neighbour to the north for Kim, alarming Syngman and US President Harry S Truman. In July 1951, Kim, hoping to quell opposition to his regime in the DPRK and villainize the 'bandit traitor,' Syngman, organized a large force on the 38th Parallel, with obvious intent to invade...

This scenario is optimally played as the United Nations player, and is mostly geared thusly. It may be played reasonably well as the North Koreans as well, but most triggers are not from their point of view. One may not enjoy the Chinese or Soviets so much, as they must be triggered by the UN player as active participants in the war (outside of aerial and naval skirmishes for the Soviets). DO NOT play as the Chinese Border or Soviet Border; these are only function civ's, and not meant in the least to be played: they have NO game options as a human player.






North Korea



Chinese Border

Soviet Border

House Rules

No building new cities (only rebuilding razed ones)

No rush building in Japanese cities (except Wonders)

No amphibious invasion or aerial or naval bombardment of Soviet cities until their intervention is fully activated (by destroying a Border Barrier unit belonging to the Soviet Border player)

No paradropping behind Chinese or Soviet lines until said player's intervention is fully activated (by destroying a Border Barrier unit belonging to the Soviet Border or Chinese Border player, respectively)

Must sell any Gulag/Yoduk improvements upon capturing a Communist city

Victory Conditions

This is an objective scenario, with the UN as the protagonist. All cities except those in Japan are objectives. The UN suffers a marginal defeat on 16 or less cities (one less than the starting number in South Korea) and a decisive defeat if they have 6 or less (roughly one third of the starting number in South Korea). However, they only score a marginal victory if they control 39 or more cities (4 more than the total in both Koreas) and a decisive victory on 52 or more cities (2 more than all the cities in both Koreas and the part of China on the map combined). The reason for these victory conditions are threefold: to make sure the most likely result is a stalemate; to give the UN player an incentive to violate the Chinese and/or Soviet borders; and to simulate the anti-Communist sentiment of the nations involved in the UN international force.

UN Reinforcements

UN Reinforcements There are two ways to get more military units as the UN (other than South Korean Infantry, which you may build freely): turn-based reinforcements, which occur in August 1950, March 1952, and February 1953, all at Pusan or it's neighbouring seas (with long-range bombers at Kitakyushu), as well as the Inch'on invasion, in September 1950, which spawns US Marines and Transports around Inch'on on thatturn; or tech-based reinforcements, in the form of four Reinforcements techs (Reinforcements 1-4), which spawn units at Pusan (with long-range bombers at Kitakyushu), and the optional Nuclear Release tech, which grants Atomic Bombers at Kitakyushu (but also grants the Soviets some at Vladivostock). Thus, holding Pusan is essential to the UN player.


Credits Thanks to: Case, Catfish (in terms of his graphics rather than active participation) Curtsibling, Fairline, Harry Tuttle, Our_Man, Sarsstock, Tanelorn, Techumseh (if I'm missing anyone, let me know)

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