The Korean War Redux

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The Korean War Redux for ToTPP v1 By Patrick L Shephard (Patine) & McMonkey


The Korean War Redux is a collaborative project between Patine and I, with playtesting credits to Tootall. Designed with advanced of veteran Civ2 gamers in mind, this scenario will challenge you! Think hordes of bugle blowing Chinese infantry swarming through your lines in vast human wave charges. Mig 15s going up against your Sabre jets and North Korean T-34/85s smashing through hastily prepared defensive positions.

We have borrowed several concepts from Tootall's excellent Vietnam scenario, as well as ideas from many other Test of Time classics to try and recreate the intensity of this often overlooked war.

Please see the readme pdf for a full description and enjoy!




The Korean War Redux for ToTPP v1 Download

Scenario Files

Read Me pdf

Requires ToTPP v0.13

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