The Mysterious Cities of Gold v1.1

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A modpack for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by François Baire.


This is a modpack for Civilization II that includes one scenario: Attack of the Olmecs.

By discovering the mountain of the Burning Shield, Esteban and his companions were captured by the Olmecs who have a surprising technology. After escaping, not without sorrow, they are welcomed at the village of the new sun whose leader is Wynacocha. But the Olmec army, having discovered the site of the village and having located the Great Condor launches an attack against the valorous Mayas, with the complicity of the doctor and Marinche. These ones are finally imprisoned by the Olmecs for betrayal. For the moment the other Maya villages do not want to take part in the engagements fearing the power of these strange Olmecs. Will the Maya of the new sun, with the assistance of Esteban and his friends, be able to resist this violent attack? Will Esteban find finally the city of gold? Will the Olmec civilization survive? Will the Spaniards bring back significant spoils?


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Scenario Files (412 kB)

Sound Files (1.75 MB)

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