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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Kull.


The Odyssey is an adventure scenario based upon Homer's epic Bronze Age tale. The scenario opens as the final events of the Trojan War unfold. Among the Greek besiegers is Odysseus of Ithaca, and this is the story of his incredible, adventure-filled journey home.

You are Odysseus, and as such will encounter many friends and enemies during your long voyage. There are Gods and Goddesses, mythical creatures, and men both evil and good. One of the strong beliefs at this time was that a man's fate controls his destiny. The power of the individual is severely limited, and you will find that to be very true in this scenario. As Odysseus you will be tested time and again, both physically and morally, and you must pay close attention to the Messages from the Gods. Therein lie clues to the solution of every dilemma. Failure to heed this advice, an unwillingness to parse its meaning, will result in your total destruction. As an added challenge almost every conceivable civ unit capability is represented, and you must use ALL your extensive Civ2 skills in order to pass these tests. Some are simple while others are deviously complex. And should you somehow survive and complete the first two chapters, well, prepare yourself for something never before seen in a Civ2 scenario!

Odysseus was renowned among the ancients for his keen mind and wily ways. To successfully complete "The Odyssey", you must BE that man!


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