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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Shelly.


What if history were not as it seemed? What if vast, sinister and secret forces controlled the fate of nations and the course of their affairs? What if we were property, owned by unimaginable occult powers? What if you were one of them?

In this scenario, you will play the role of one or another secret society, bent on world domination. The scenario begins in the middle of the Dark Ages, a murky period when many of the world's legendary secret societies are said to have arisen.

It is said that the Secret Masters lurk in the forgotten corners of the world, weaving the lies of history.

Can this be!? Do vast invisible empires wage war upon one another just outside our sight? Do they battle for dominion of the Earth or is their purpose far more sinister? And why is the Pentagon that shape?!! Lies!!!

The curtain lifts on this terrible strange show in the depths of the Dark Ages. Up from the ashes rise the Societies. Can yours live long enough to save mankind... and be its ABSOLUTE MASTER?! Or do you scheme to leave this foul earth behind?

This is a modified version of an older scenario (by Sean Grobe?).


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Scenario Files (373 kB)

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