The Visigoths v2.0

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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Jesús Balsinde.


In 567 AD Leovigild --probably the best of all Visigothic rulers-- is about to be crowned king. He is the first leader of Spain's history who recognizes the importance of creating a unified kingdom in the Iberian peninsula. But the task of putting Hispania under Visigothic rule is no less than formidable. He has to defeat the Suevi barbarians in the Northwest, the rebellious Basques and Cantabrians in the North (collectively called the Northernmen), and the Imperial Byzantine troops in the Southeast. If that were not enough, he will have to deal with the always- demanding Franks in the Northeast, the emerging Berbers in the South, and the periodic unwelcome visits of the Black Death. Can you create a unified --and above all strong-- Visigothic kingdom in the Iberian peninsula as well?


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Scenario Files (544 kB)

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