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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by John Berkeley.


"By the beginning of the New Age, the various Human lords, Dwarven clans, and Elven communities in the Eastern Realm of Danaeron, around the vast Paladantine River had established strong empires in their immediate vicinities. Some lords were masters of island communities in the Great Eastern Ocean, whereas most were lords of citadels in the country. The New Year 127 marked the beginning of the devastating Realm Wars that rocked the area..."

- Extract from 'The New History of Danaeron and Her Nations' by Richmond Halley, Copyright 1837

Terraneus is a world similar to that of Earth, save the presence of magic in small quantities. The five main continents of Danaeron, Suth Annir, Anyr Nurenis, Caratan and Myria are each diverse and rich areas, but Danaeron is probably the most important. Danaeron is a large continent in the northern hemisphere of its world. Around ten thousand years ago, many civilisations inhabited Danaeron and its closest neighbour, Caratan, these including humans, elves, dwarves and gnomes, but eventually, each and every one collapsed. One of these civilisations, a race of people similar in many respects to the Incas delved very deeply into the magical arts. Of course, every other civilisation of the time had magic, spells, mages, had encountered Dragons and Centaurs and the like, but these people, called the Altecs, knew much more about it than the other civilisations. However, long before the Altecs reached their full potential, Oriniae Mons, a spectacular and beautiful volcano, erupted for the last time. However, this volcano’s dying blast completely destroyed the land around it, and the Altecs, who lived around it, were destroyed and their knowledge was lost forever.

Just to the north, about one hundred kilometers away from Oriniae Mons, is the longest and most attractive river on Terraneus. The Paladantine River, as long as the Nile, with origins on the other side of the continent, has carved out of the mountains through which it once flowed, a vast and spectacular river basin, full of forests, lakes, and sweeping oceans of grass. In this area, six infant civilisations have been established. In the far east, where the Paladantine meets the Great Eastern Ocean, the Holy Empire, based in the beautiful city of Calindon has been formed out of the island kingdom of the Western Islands. In the north, where the smaller Loth Cabrantir flows into the ocean, a race of Elves has united near the mouth of the Loth Cabrantir. In the west, in the foothills of the Dragonspine Range, the Dwarven clans have united under a single banner. In the center of the area, based around Lake Celarus, the Celaran Guild has been established. In the valleys of the north, near the point where the Rivers of the Saints meet to form the Paladantine, the Northern Realm has risen out of the warring human lords of the area. And, bordering the deserted wastes of the south, the Kingdom of Parin has been formed.

Between these new empires, the land is still untamed. Out of the ashes of the fallen civilisation, chaos has reigned. The beleaguered human tribes, warring for centuries, have for countless generations been terrified by supernatural entities such as Wraiths, bent on destruction, terrifying Ghasts, and the universally feared form-changers known as the Sylithyr. Up north, the Dwarves have been set upon by Barrow Wights, forlorn spirits of the dead, cursed with continued existence until destroyed by a living hand. Meanwhile, the elves, secluded for centuries, have had their long silence broken by occasional attacks of Zombies. The desert tribes who are now the Kingdom of Parin, have been terrorised by enormous, all-consuming Wyrms, and the flying stone contortions of the human form known as Gargoyles. Meanwhile pirates have sailed the seas plundering and pillaging anything they can find. Still, unconfirmed rumours that the terrifying Citadel of the Undead, known as Thanatos, exists still in the plains of the Islith Durat.

Now, however, it seems this is about to change.


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