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TOTAL WAR 1941 - 1945 UPDATED to v1.02

News Flash - December 7th, 1941, Washington (AP)

Japan has launched a surprise attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and has declared war on Britain and the United States.

America's isolationism has been forever shattered and the nation thrust into the greatest conflict in all human history. As its Commander-in-chief can you build up your armed forces and reverse the Axis tide and lead your people to ultimate victory?


TOT41 SS 1.png

Tora, Tora, Tora.

TOT41 SS 2.png

The Afrika Korps versus the Eight Army.

Victory Conditions

As the American or British player, victory is dependent on the number of objective cities held at the end of the game, i.e., September 1945. The total number of objectives required to win depends on which Allied power you selected.

House Rules

There are six house rules in this scenario that I strongly recommend humans players adhere to:

Firstly, changing city names is not permissible. A number of events apply to specific cities and altering names will render them inactive.

Secondly, pillaging of roads is prohibited.

Thirdly, given the limited time frame of the scenario, a little over three and a half years, the building of new cities is prohibited.

Fourthly, it is forbidden to rush buy or re-home Freight units.

Fifthly, it is forbidden to base Avro Lancaster, B-17 Fortress or B-29 Superfortress bomber units on aircraft carriers.

NEW RULE: Sixthly, it is forbidden to transfer ground units from one naval transport unit ('Freighter' or 'Liberty Ship') to another in mid-ocean.

Please read the scenario's Readme file as it contains valuable information on the house rules and game concepts.

Special Instructions

IMPORTANT - This game is designed to be played as the Americans or British Empire ONLY. Do not attempt to play as any other protagonist!

IMPORTANT - You must run the “TotalWar” batch file, and select option #1 (Americans) or #2 (British Empire) before you begin the game!

IMPORTANT - Players running a 64-bit computer must run MastermindX's "Civ2XP64Patcher.exe" patch included in the zip file (follow the instructions provided in the patch's folder).


Install version 1.02 into a 'Total War 1941 -1945' folder in your ToT main folder. Please delete version 1.0 first if you had already installed it:

Scenario Files v1.02

Sound Files

ReadMe Files v1.02

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