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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by WarVoid.


500 years after the destruction of the Earth, Ameronesia, the islands that were once known as North America, have started to show the first signs of civilization. First of all I wish to describe the geographic state of Ameronesia. The nuclear war of 2898 melted the ice caps and flooded the Earth in a swirling maelstrom of destruction, after the damage was tallied the casualties totaled over three billion dead. The sea level raised over one mile. By 3140 the nuclear winter had resided and the Earth had been warmed to a mean temperature of about seventy degrees creating a veritable paradise; much like the Bahamas. The land masses were renamed accordingly.

In the west the mountains were divided as follows; The Rockies which stretched from Alaska to Mexico were divided; the central plateau became known a Colorado, the Mexican territory was known as the Mexicali Archipelago, the coast range of California stayed known as the California's while the Mojave desert was excluded as an island of the same name, Nevada and Arizona represented some small southern islands and lower California became known as Baja the rest of the range was named the Sierra Archipelago.

In the east the Appalachians were even more heavily divided; The central Appalachians became known as Applachia to the north of this lay Allegheny, in Maine and New Hampshire, Concordia came into existence. Between Concordia and Allegheny lied the small territory of the Berkshires which now encompassed the Catskills. However it was in this territory that the most guerrillas warred. The now lost coastal states were brought back to life by the people that fled from them in the flood; the Jerseys, New Yorkers and others fought to rebuild their urban homes.

In Mexico the Mexicali Archipelago was divided between the three dominant powers the Mexicalis, Rico Isla and Honduras. In the central U.S. the tiny Ozark Plateau came under control of the Missourians.

While all this human warfare was fought the radiation had mutated many a good men and the newly formed Mutant League took Fresno in an effort to secure the prominence of Mutants as the dominant power in the future. The Eradicators were a cyborg relic from the war gone awry. The Kritters are supposed to be from another planet but now it's highly doubted, they are a wild tribe and war on any they meet. The Saurians rose from heavily radiated iguanas and eventually restored the dinosaur race with human intelligence, they hope to rebuild the dinosaur empire and once again rule the world.


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