Vietnam 1965- 1975

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VIETNAM 1965 - 1975 version 1.0: ToTPP UPDATED to version 2.0

SAIGON, South Vietnam -- Presidential Palace, March 6, 1965

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu

General Thieu, as part of the military junta that overthrew President Diem, you and your co-conspirator General Nguyen Coa Ky have been elevated to the posts of Head of State and Prime Minister, respectively.

As you are aware, South Vietnam is in the mist of a great struggle for survival and as the leaders of your nation, you must negotiate many political and military minefields. As such, will you be able to defeat, along with your allies, the internal rebellion and repel any North Vietnamese incursion into your lands and thereby secure a future for your people as an independent country.


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The U.S. 9th Infantry Division conducts operations in the Mekong Delta.

Nam65 SS 2.png

B-52’s escorted by Navy Crusaders on a bombing run over North Vietnam.

Victory Conditions

There are a number of ways for the SVN/US player to win/lose the game:

If you are able to Broaden the War and decide to invade North Vietnam, you must control Hanoi, Haiphong, Son La and Viet Tri at the beginning of October 1968, otherwise you suffer a defeat; or

If Johnson wins re-election in November 1968, by preventing the TET Offensive, you must hold on to all cities currently under your control (including any outside of the borders of South Vietnam) up to the November 1972 US election, otherwise McGovern is elected and the war continues; or

If Nixon is elected in November 1968, or McGovern in November 1972, you must prevent the NVN/NLF from capturing a sufficient number of objective cities to win a Marginal or Decisive victory by the end of the game in April 1975; or

Prevent the NVN/NLF from gaining an Automatic Victory by controlling both Saigon and Hue during the same turn.

House Rules

There are ten house rules in this scenario that I strongly recommend humans players adhere to:

Firstly, changing city names is not permissible. A number of events apply to specific cities and altering names will render them inactive.

Secondly, the pillaging of roads or highways is prohibited. It is equally forbidden to build new roads on the ‘South East Asia’ map though it is permitted to upgrade the existing roads to highways (aka Railroads).

Thirdly, given the limited time frame of the scenario, ten years, the building of new cities is prohibited.

Fourthly, it is forbidden to build any type of unit or city improvements in ANY of your cities situated on either the ‘Order of Battle’ or ‘Air’ maps, i.e. the ONLY production that is EVER allowed for these cities is the ‘(Foreign Aid)’ improvement.

Fifthly, it is equally forbidden from reassigning the citizens of your cities on either the ‘Order of Battle’ or ‘Air’ maps to other tiles than the ones they start the scenario in, nor is it permitted to assign them as entertainers (see Major Game Concept #17).

Sixthly, it is strictly forbidden from EVER re-homing any of your American, ANZAC, Korean or Thai units. They must ALWAYS stay homed to the city the event file assigned them to.

Seventhly, it is strictly forbidden to stack any air unit on top of your ground units. This is to prevent a player from blocking the AI from launching attacks against your ground troops.

Eighthly, it is strictly forbidden to place your air units on top of NVA Sanctuary tiles in order to prevent NVA units from spawning in them (only your ground units may occupy such tiles).

MODIFIED RULE: Ninthly, your air units may only attack enemy ground units that are either in enemy occupied cities or located next to your ground units, or that are visible within your city screen and may never attack any type of enemy unit from a road tile (see Major Game Concept #13).

Tenthly, your naval air units may only EVER be based and operate from your respective CVN Battlegroup units, which may themselves NEVER enter any of your friendly coastal cities.

NEW RULE:Eleventhly, CIDG Striker or Special forces units may NOT be used to capture enemy cities (see Major Game Concept #32).

Please read the scenario's new v2.0 Readme file as it has been updated and contains new valuable information on the house rules and game concepts.

Special Note

I would like to extend a special note of gratitude to Techumseh for designing a more natural and realistic looking set of South East Asian terrain graphics for v2.0 of the scenario.

I would also like to thank him and McMonkey for their invaluable assistance in playtesting version 1.0 which exposed a series of bugs and play balance issues which I have strived to address in version 2.

Special Instructions

IMPORTANT - This game is designed to be played as the South Vietnamese / American player ONLY. Do not even attempt to play as the North Vietnamese!

IMPORTANT - You must run the “Nam65” batch file, and select option #1 before you begin the game!

IMPORTANT - The scenario has been designed around TheNamelessOne's TOTPP version 0.131 ([1]). You must have it installed to play the game


Install version 2.0 into a 'Vietnam 1965 - 1975' folder in your ToT main folder. Please delete version 1.0 first if you had already installed it:

Scenario Files v2.0

Sound Files

ReadMe Files v2.0