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This was my first scenario. I am proud of it but there are quite a lot of bugs. If you have a copy of Test of Time then I would recommend you skip straight to Fortress Europe which I hope is a vast improvement.

World War Two Europa November 1941 - 1945 and after!

As always the read me will contain some vital information, especially on graphics and rules changes.

Play as the Allies. The tech tree and events are all designed for them. Your opponents will be the Axis + Finland

You are Allied with the Soviet Union Spain, Turkey and the Neutrals are, erm neutral!

The objective of the scenario is to stop the Axis at their historical high water mark and push them back to Berlin. After that who knows, Moscow maybe?

Can Turkey or Spain be coaxed into joining in on either side. How will you change the course of the war?

The Battle of the Atlantic will be vital for the Allies survival early in the game, keep those trade units flowing.

Some of the bugs have been ironed out, such as Flight and Navigation reducing trade revenue. Most other issues will have to wait for the ToT version to be addressed.


Fairline for his excellent graphics.

Agricola for playtesting this game which has inspired me to make an improved version for Test of Time.

Kobayashi for helping me set up this page.

John Ellis (Hellas), Paul Mutic─â (Wars of the Mediterranean), Pheonix Benton (Imperialism 1870) and Maciej Czy (Komnenai) for inspiring me with their excellent scenarios.


Scenario Files


Sounds 1

Sounds 2


This game is dedicated to the memory of Lance Corporal Philip James Prouting, Royal Ulster Rifles, 6th Airborne Division who was killed on the 24th March 1945 during the Rhine Crossing. Your sacrifice is not forgotten. Philip.jpg

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