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A scenario for Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition by Paul Mutică.


The conquest of "Mare Nostrum" as it was called by the Romans was finally achieved when the last of the Hellenistical Kingdoms, Egypt,admitted the Roman supremacy. Thus ended over half a milennium of wars among the great civilizations of the Western Antiquity.

Wars of the Mediterranean is a scenario about the many conflagrations that took place around the Mediterranean Sea, starting with the beginning of the 5th century BC and culminating with the maximum expansion of the Roman Empire around AD 115.

I have decided to "adopt" a huge map of the Mediterranean from the Cross and Crescent scenario to provide a more realistic gameplay and the result was worthwhile, in my opinion.

You can choose to play either one of the great powers, the Romans, either of the Greeks, Phoenicians, or Persians, but, in the long run, you should expect the Romans to win. Better not play the Celts because of their lack of knowledge, bad reputation and barbarian atitude.


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Scenario Files (1.25 MB)

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