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A scenario for Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition by kobayashi.



It is 1939 in Europe. Following revival after the crushing penalties imposed by the victorious powers in the aftermath of WWI, Germany is once again poised to regain the past glories of empire. The Third Reich’s militarily might is daunting but it is dwarfed by the economic potential and natural resources of its main adversaries, the British, French and the Russians.

As the AXIS, blitzkrieg your way to London and (capturing Port Said will cripple the Allies and capturing Stalingrad will cripple the Soviets) without giving the Allies the chance to regroup. You may concentrate on war-time production for overwhelming superiority or hedge your bets by focusing on developing your economy and secret weapons.

As the ALLIES, you can choose to resist the initial onslaught of the Werhmacht in strength or fortify the unsinkable carrier of Britain while the Americans build up momentum to turn the tide. Fight your way to Berlin for victory (capturing Ploesti will cripple the Axis).

As the SOVIETS, you prepare your defenses as best you can for the inevitable armoured invasion of the German war machine while nurturing your economic assets of the Soviet Far East. If you trade land for time astutely, you might just survive and even beat the Western forces to Berlin.

The purpose of the scenario is to discover which other ways WWII could have unfolded if different personalities were involved. Although the scenario can be played by a single player, it is primarily a multiplayer scenario where the Axis and Allies are to be played by humans.


Zweiter Weltkrieg, which means Second World War in German, was the first Kobayashi scenario outside the science fiction genre and originally came out in the Fantastic Worlds format.

It was somewhat of a departure from the typical Civ2 WWII scenario in that it attempted where possible to use all dimensions of the Civ2 engine. The research tree used the quintessential Kobayashi format found in many of his scenarios, such as Star Trek:Battle for Alpha Quadrant, Star Wars:Insurrection, and Star Gate:SG1, a common master branch inter-linked with various race-specific branches. This allowed ZWK to encompass all the military, economic and scientific developments of the period. Like the plain vanilla Civ2 game, cities resource areas did not overlap and the option to build wonders was retained. It also features a fully updated Civpedia.

Another departure from the typical WWII format was its allowance for multi-player (up to 5 players), at a time when CIV2 PBEM games were coming onto the scene. The absence of a scripted game chronology allowed re-playability while the players remained loosely constrained by geography, their form of government and technologies. One other distinction of ZWK was the choice of a ‘real world’ feel in terms of units and the map as opposed to the mainstream representation style graphics. This was not well accepted by some of the mainstream gaming community and some preferred to replace parts of the units, terrain and city graphics after downloading.

ZWK was subsequently upgraded through 4 versions and various bugs were fixed whilst game balance was continuously fine-tuned. The current version is MGE compatible, comes with new units, and icons and a HTML guide replete with tech-tree charts. Discontinuous Tech Lineage was introduced so for example the Axis would not be able to research the P-51 even if they stole the plans for Spitfire.


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Scenario Review (of ver 2.0) by Willam van Oranje on


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