American War of Independence

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"A little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical." - Thomas Jefferson, 1787


The unrests in the british colonies in North America turns into an open revolution. More and more colonists joining the Continental Army, strong in their will to fight for freedom. Quickened by the events at Boston the year before, the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia adopts the Declaration of Independence. From now on, the American colonies are severing their political connections to Great Britain and calling themselve the 13 United States of America.

Meanwhile a massive british war fleet arrived on Long Island under command of William Howe and seized New York City, ready to crush American forces.

The Continental Army learns their first major defeat on Manhattan Island. Withdrawn from New York City, the Commander-in-Chief George Washington tries to reorganize his army, making them ready for a counter attack.

The War of Independence has begun...


Required game version

This scenario requires the latest official Civilization II ToT patch as well as the ToTPP version 0.15

You can find the latest official Civiliazion 2 ToT patch here:

Official ToT patch 1.1

You can find the ToTPP version 0.15 here:

ToTPP from TheNamelessOne


Create a new folder called "AWI" in your "The Test of Time/Original" directory. Copy the following files into the "AWI" folder.

AWI Scenario Files

AWI Improvement graphics


Ingame graphics

I've changed some of the ingame graphics to make them propper for the scenario. If you would like to use them copy the tiles.dll file into your "The Test of Time" directory. Please make a backup from the original tiles.dll before you replace it.

AWI Tiles.dll

Gameplay rules

This scenario is designed for playing with the British Empire only. Your goal is to crush down the rebellion until January 1784 (maximum turns: 91).

The following cities must be under your control for a complete victory:

1x OBJECTIVE points=> Bangor, Portsmouth, Providence, Trenton, Baltimore, Salisbury, Norfolk, New Bern, Wilmington, Savannah, Saratoga, Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta.

3x OBJECTIVE points=> Charles Town, Philadelphia, New York, Boston

The victory conditions are as followed:

Decisive victory: >= 24 points

Marginal victory: >= 13 points

Marginal defeat: <= 13 points

Decisive defeat: <= 4 points

- Regular British troops are only recruitable in London.

- In the colonies are only Loyalist regiments available.

- Technology research is disabled as it is a typical war scenario.

- Capturing all coastal cities until June 1778 (Turn 24) will avoid French intervention.

- You gets via LUA offers from the Hessians for hiring mercenaries.

- Capturing cities near plantations will give you the decission to free the slaves (earning money) or drafting them into your army (new unit).

- The abilities of Noble Citizens (Diplomats) are limited.

- The government of the British Empire is an Administrative Monarchy (Republic). The governement of the Americans are Republic (Communism).

- European cities are only for trading. Don't waste time and uníts for conquering them.

- Native Indians are your allies.


New York Campaign.png

British troops starting the New York Campaign

Green Mountain Boys.png

Green Mountain Boys near Albany

Love the King.PNG

Halifax celebrates the "We love the King" day


Many thanks goes to:

- Fairline and Curt Sibling (Graphics)

- Prof. Garfield (LUA Scripting)

- Gapetit (Hex editing savefile for disable Barbarian uprisings)

- Tootall_2012 (For playing the scenario and giving me a detailled description of bugs and suggestions)

- Unknown designer of the map


I've changed the following things in the new version:

- Added objective cities

- Reduced the turns of the scenario, now 91 turns (January 1784)

- Changed the tech paradigm to 50/10

- Changed the governments of the British and Americans. British now vanilla Republic, Americans now vanilla Communism

- Disabled the two Howitzer units in London

- Added @COSMIC2 parameters: MovementMultipliers, 1; RailroadMultiplier, 4; RiverMultiplier, 0; AlpineMultiplier, 0; PlayableTribes; 0b01000000

- Changed LUA code for negotiations between Americans and British Empire (Thanks to JPetroski for the code)

- American Noble Citizen (Diplomat) disabled in New York

- Increased movement rates of naval units to make it more historical accurate

- Limited the abilities of Noble Citizen (Diplomat)

- Increased attack for American units, decreased them for British units

- British units with "negates city walls" flag have now a Chrysanthemum symbol (Thanks to Tootall_2012 for the symbol)

- Increased size of production ingame box

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