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Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Under his leadership the country developed into a ruthlessly aggressive totalitarian state. All forms of democratic government and political opposition were soon swept away. By coercion, repression and propaganda, the Nazi Party began to control German life. The Nazis pledged first to restore Germany to its 'rightful' place in Europe, and then to seek world power.

In October 1936 Italy's Mussolini made an alliance with Germany's Adolf Hitler. Ethiopian trade concessions were extended to Germany (Ethiopia had been conquered by Italy in May). They also declared common policies towards Spain, the Danubian countries, the Soviet Union, and the League of Nations. Mussolini called the new alliance the Rome-Berlin Axis

The Blitzkrieg era has begun...

Civilisation Info



Soviet Union: The Soviet Union has been lifted up and is in the process of modernizing its country, building up infrastructure and industry. If they can do so in peace, Russia can become a very dangerous neighbour…

Imperial Japan: Japan is in the face of modernizing its army. It might be smart to build up before taking on great powers such as America, the Soviet Union and/or the British Commonwealth. Do not build up for too long either, America has an overwhelming industrial capacity.

Axis: As the axis you start off with a large army, but not ready for any aggressive wars. End with the Versailles treaty and build up your army and get the needed techs to do so.

France: France rests comfortably behind the gigantic Maginot fortess system on the German border. Hence it's development military wise has been rather distracted. France should nonetheless be a bit more alerted concerning developments with the new and more agressive neighbouring regimes.

USA: The United States is one of the mightiest countries in the world concerning industrial capacity. If someone can help out its allies in bad times it’s America.

British Commonwealth: The British Commonwealth naturally has a massive army, air force and navy, since they are so damn large. The Commonwealth civilisation has possessions all over the world. Defend yourself from axis aggression either Western Axis or Japan.



House Rules

Scenario specific house rules:

-No tech trading and no money gifting. Amphibious invasions (only upon war declaration) must be announced 1 turn in advance [1].

-French civ to be puppet if Paris occupied [2]. No more than 5 airplanes allowed on the Aircraft Carrier at the same time, and no twin engined aircrafts.

-No war ships can cross straits owned by a foreign power (i.e. the Bosphorus Strait (Istanbul), Suez Canal, Panama Canal, Kiel Canal (Hamburg), Gibraltar strait, Øresund (Copenhagen) etc.).

-Soviet Lend Lease 'killing' only to occur during war times with consent of both parties [3].

Generic house rules:

-No reloading! -No terraforming. -No rehoming of trade units. -No 'square stealing' from the AI. -No air protected land/sea stacks. -No "freezing" of airplanes. -No ship chains. -No building of new cities. Only re-creating razed ones alowed. -No airbases in adjecent to each other or a city. -No artificial creating of ZOC with units. -No other actions that doesn't make sense in real life. No taking advantage of the civ game machine to better your results in any way. Ask the other players if in doubt before acting.)

[1] Apmhibious invasion warning only applies between the British and German homeland. Although one should show sprtsmanship and warn anyway, especially in the case of an invasion across large oceans.

[2] When Paris falls to, for instance Germany, the French player has to give control of France to Germany, and Germany must cease hostilies against France and sign peace. France must remain neutral throughout the war, unless attacked by any outside nation. Only then may Germany occupy the remaining French cities. When Paris again is liberated, France will be given back to the previous French player and Germany would again be at war with France.France may not gift away its units or money to the "mother country", be it Britain before a war, or Germany while puppet.

Exeptions to the Vichy-France rule:

1. France's navy is an exeption and may be attacked without bringing the new puppet France into the war. The French navy that survives may be taken over by Germany 2 turns after the fall of Paris.

2. Germany would be alowed to annex France's Atlantic cities in addition to Paris.

3. Japan may declare war on the new neutral French regieme withour fear of reprecautions from Germany or the Allies.

4. France's Sub-Saharan African colonies may be seized as well by Britain, without bringing France into the war against the Allies. [3] Allied Trade Goods has an event that generates money to the Soviets if it is killed. This will effectively make it possible for the US and Commonwealth to ship it's trade units to Soviet land and be killed to boost the Soviet economy. This is made so to recreate the Allied Lend Lease. One may NOT ship a Soviet unit to the US and do the killing there, that would contradict the meaning of the event. They MUST be killed in Russia (i.e. Murmansk or Far East Russia)!

Mind that some house rules naturally only applies to MP games.


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