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The World is at war!

Using the new blitzkrieg tactics to crush opposition in Poland, Scandinavia, the Low Countries, France and the Balkans within two years, Hitler found himself in total command of the European Continent. At the same time the Axis continued to wreak havoc in North Africa and the Atlantic Ocean. In June 1941, Hitler invaded Russia. Right now he is launching an offensive to secure the Caucasus oil fields.

Meanwhile, in the Pacific, the Japanese have turned aggressive. Menaced by the American presence in the Pacific, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 1941, bringing the United States into the world war. By June 1942 they have taken control of most of Southeast Asia and reached as far as New Guinea on the road toward an invasion of Australia.

Here's your chance to rewrite world history. The date; June 1942!

Civilisation info (In playable order)


Imperial Japan: Japan has turned aggressive and has in a short amount of time found themselves masters of Pacific Asia. Only British India, Australia and America compromises total supremacy. Finish the job that was started in Pearl Harbour and crush the American navy.

Axis: You are about to launch a greater summer offensive into the Caucasus to secure vital drops of oil for your military machine, and once and for all end the war in the east. Mind also that the Americans are yet to show what they are good for and you can bet they won't do anything rushed.

USA: The United States was attacked by the Japanese in Peal Harbour late last year, followed by a war declaration from the Western Axis, and was forced into the war. Pearl Harbour must be avenged and the Third Reich must be stopped. Your goal should be to harass the Axis enough to give the Soviets some breathing room. Aid the Soviets in any way possible, be it with actual hardware or cold hard cash.

British Commonwealth: The British Empire and the Commonwealth are about the only ones to have stood up against Hitler without succumbing to the Nazis. Now your goal must be to bring the war to Hitler’s doorstep and open a second front to releave the Soviets. Also, stand off the dangerously succesful Japanese juggernaut.

Soviet Union: Russia was caught by surprise when Hitler invaded in June 1941. Now he has put most of European Russia under his Thousand Year Reich. With help from your allies bring the war to Germany.

( The Neutrals and the Vichy-French is not playable )


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Scenario Files


PS: Read through the Readme before playing. Some very significant pointers are given there that you should know of before playing the scenario.

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