Colonies II - The Struggle for Empire

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A scenario for Civilization II: Conflicts in Civilization by John Ellis.


"...Be careful how you quarrel with the English. Although you may do them much harm, yet assuredly you will all be destroyed and rooted off the earth if you do."

- Passaconaway (wise elder of the Narragaset tribe)

The struggle of Reformation and Counter-Reformation known as the Thirty Years' War has ended. The consolidated Monarchies of Europe - and the Dutch Republic, newly independent from Spain - turn once more to the business of Empire. Expansion into the vast spaces of the Americas is the goal. How will the Native peoples cope?

The scenario is set in the period AD 1660 to AD 1800. Version I started in AD 1492, with Columbus' (re)discovery of America, but I found that the computer tended to ignore America until the endgame, and concentrate on the European and African theatres. This is not what I had in mind, so:

  1. We start in AD 1660, with many European colonies already in America;
  2. Africa has been made more unappealing as a colony site;
  3. European cities have some pretty formidable defences.


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Scenario Files (547 kB)

Sound Files (819 kB)

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