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A scenario for Civilization II: Test of Time by Boco.


El Aurens (v2) is a scenario designed for play with “Civilization II: Test of Time”. It portrays the campaign waged during the Great War across the Near East from Darfur to Syria. In it, you'll find four maps with vast desert regions, a juxtaposition of mobile desert warfare with deliberate offensives along the primary Sinai-Palestine-Syria axis coupled to an unusual reinforcement & replacement paradigm.

By exploiting Test of Time’s many unique features, EAv2 attempts to be a challenging game that reflects the historical context. Can you protect the Suez and Nile from desert raiders? Can you advance your massive army across the Sinai past the formidable defenses at Gaza? Can you foment and sustain an Arab revolt so that it can protect your eastern flank as you invade Syria in the twilight of the Ottoman Empire?

The current version (2.3) was released for beta testing on Feb 1, 2007. In mid-2007, a final version will be released incorporating changes made in response to testers.


Install as described in ReadMe.RTF found in EAv2_Main.zip:

Main files — ReadMe, playing aids, text files, and scenario) (3,667 kB)

Image Files (1,814 kB)

Improvement BMP images (4,898 kB)

Customized DLL images (5,315 kB)

Sound files (2,520 kB)

SAV files from Alpha Test by Boco (2,882 kB)

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