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A scenario for Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition by Harry Tuttle.



You are a saloon owner, one of five in this small town. You were a pioneer in this valley, not too long ago, and were one of the first to realize its potential. In those hills and mountains surrounding the camp is a prize lauded the world over for its value and its beauty: GOLD! Word has traveled the world over of the rich veins buried in the Black Hills and everyday new settlers and pioneers travel to this small valley to seek their fortune. Some have better intentions than others...


The valley is surrounded by rich mountains and a vibrant source of wildlife. Grizzly bears, Grey wolves, and Copperhead snakes inhabit this land, making travel through the wilderness dangerous. Also, this land just so happens to be the territory of the Sioux who, after routing Custer at Little Big Horn, have retreated to the Hills to guard against reprisals from the U.S. Cavalry led by General Crook. The Sioux, led by Red Cloud, are no longer as violent as they were a year ago, but encroachment on their territory carries a heavy price. The scalp of the white man is still a prized possession to these proud warriors.

One of the main reasons you and the other saloon owners moved to this region is the lax law enforcement - that is to say, ANY law enforcement. This land is still regarded as being out of the bounds of the United States, and thus, free from its laws, its bureaucracy, and more importantly, its protection. You and any other inhabitants of this land are lawless and are thus privy to the wants of the wildlife, the Sioux, and even the U.S. Cavalry.


Unlike a regular Civ2 MGE game this scenario is designed to take place on a limited setting. That is to say your cities are no longer bustling metroplises, but saloons with clientele. City improvements now take the form of saloon improvements, each one providing some benefit to your business as it grows. Wonders are now specialized endeavors that can make a saloon unique and its value more sought over.

Land is now split into two categories, the profitable and the un-profitable. Only on a plot that bears some sort of structure or street can a saloon gain a significant boost to its revenues. Pasture and grassland has little to offer in the way of trade, investment, or clientele. Be sure to stay within the ever growing camp area if you want to make any sort of money.

Your units are now individual employees, each with their unique abilities. Male employees usually act as brutes, enforcing your will throughout the camp. Women, at least the ones who you would be stretched to call ladies, are usually prostitutes who have the ability of a Diplomat. These disenfranchised women usually are the dregs of society that have fallen on bad times or have traveled from the East after being tricked into thinking they can find a better life in the valley and are thus thrust into virtual slavery. Don't worry about the moral implications of the situation, you are, after all, an entrepeneur in a lawless land.

There are also other special employees and assets at your disposal. Wagon Trains can be used to found new saloons, Long Horn cattle can be used herded from one saloon to the next to trade with the local businesses, Chinamen are especially adept at being Spies especially in areas a "mere" woman would be noticed, Prospectors have a special knack at traversing hilly terrain and finding those sought over gold nuggets, rafts can be used to traverse the small, but sometimes violent river seperating the valley, and yes even the local cavalry, the ones weary of service to the great land to the East, can be hired. Other special units can be only used when you really want to make a stink. Smallpox, a terrible disease, is especially rampant in the open lands. Plague rats can be a weapon of last resort if you really want to clear out a saloon. Use them with extreme caution.

Other units in the valley offer a bonus to the exploratory businessman. Gold Nuggets in the mountains carry a bonus when they are "gathered". Ranchers raise cattle not too far from the town that can be rustled for a quick cash bonus. Also, pioneers regularly enter the valley from the East. Use your prostitutes and their "diplomatic" powers to get these men into your saloons so that they can "disband" their tired feet and spend their money.


Use your units for their express purpose. A slain prospector will make you lose money. The Sioux will be a constant nuisance as they gain their power to create new warriors from the great Sun (Events.txt - free money) himself. The Sioux are allowed to live on this land at the authority of the President of the United States, Rutherford Birchard Hayes, so "breaking" the Indian Treaties protecting their camps will bring about a powerful reprisal from these fierce people. Be careful on the waters surrounding the great river. The U.S. has gun boats patrolling these waters and they will attack anyone who is not supposed to be in this land. If your representational self, Tye Oliver unit, etc... is murdered your saloon will go belly up, so be sure to keep yourself out of harms way! Also, the frequent storms in this area tend to dump a lot of debris, including submerged logs, into the river. Oh yeah, and be sure to buckle down for the storms that roll out of the sodden mountains.

Make your fortune or die trying! Good luck tough guy!



The Scenario files will go in a scenario folder in the Civ2 directory under "Scenarios". The Sound files will each go into the "Sound" directory located in the "Gold Gulch Scenario" folder.

Scenario & Sound Files 9.79 MB

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