Great War of Africa

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A scenario for Civilization II: Test of Time by Techumseh.


This little known conflict has always interested me. The Toronto Globe and Mail of August 22, 1998 reported: "Shifting alliances, security problems along volatile borders, greed for mineral resources and a complex web of rebel movements are fueling fears that the rebellion in Congo could trigger a wider war across Central Africa." In fact, most countries in Central Africa were drawn in to the conflict which some observers dubbed "Africa War I" or "The Great War of Africa". Rwanda intervened in eastern Congo originally to suppress Hutu 'death squads', but continued its expansion to control the valuable mineral resources of the Congo basin. In this, it was joined by Uganda. Their attempts to conquer the DRC resulted in the intervention of Angola and Zimbabwe.

There are actually two scenarios: Congo![C] which you can play as the Democratic Republic of Congo, or as it's main ally, Angola. The second scenario, Congo![R] can be played as Rwanda or it's ally, Uganda. Neutral countries to the east are represented by the Neutral States Civilization. Attacking them results in British and/or French intervention. Countries to the south are represented by South Africa, who will intervene if they are attacked.

The scenario was originally made for FW/MGE and called "Congo!". It was later converted to Test of Time and given an upgrade - new units and terrain and updated events.




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