La Belle Epoque

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Historical context

After the Franco-German war in 1870/71, Europe enjoyed a period of interior peace for more than forty years until the start of the First World War in 1914. During this period, many important social and technological developments took place. The second wave of the industrial revolution seized the world which gave birth to the New Imperialism. People living in this period were materially confident and culturally optimistic. All social classes were seized by the feeling of a new start into better times. So began, on this basis, the time which nowadays not only the French call the 'La Belle Epoque' (The Beutiful Era).

Scenario Situation, September 1905

In Asia The Treaty of Portsmouth, mediated by Theodore Roosevelt, brought peace between Russia and Japan, and establised Japan as a new Great Power. Russia agreed to evacuate Manchuria and recognize Korea as part of the Japanese sphere of influence. Russia also lost access to warm water ports for it's navy and during the course of war lost virtually its entire Eastern and Baltic fleet.

On the other side of the world the old rivals of France and Great Britain has aligned themselves as the Entente Cordiale, to better co-ordinate their imperial abitions and to ward off a challenge from Germany. And for now, everything is calm in the US, Italy and the Ottoman Empire.

House Rules

01. No tech trading.

02. No reloading.

03. No rehoming of trade units.

04. No 'square stealing' from the AI.

05. No air protected land/sea stacks.

06. No "freezing" of airplanes.

07. No ship chains.

08. No building of new cities. Only re-creating razed ones allowed.

09. Mountains to be regarded as impassable terrain, exept for by air units (Also engineers may fix pillaged roads/RRs from roads/RRs that exist from the start of the scenario).

10. No Air units may attack from a fortress (stackable terrain).

11. No airbases in adjecent to each other or a city.

12. No bombers or zeppelins allowed on carriers.

13. No more than 5 airplanes allowed on the Aircraft Carrier at the same time.

14. No artificial creating of ZOC with units.

15. No war ships may cross straits owned by a foreign power (i.e. the Bosphorus Strait (Istanbul), Suez Canal (Alexandria - although as long as it's barbarian, as it's from start, the Entente may cross), the Panama Canal, Kiel Canal (Hamburg), Gibraltar strait, ├śresund (Copenhagen) etc.)

16. No sailing from the North Atlantic to the North Pacific around America.





Scenario Files (Scenario released March 2004. LBE-4 released December 2006)

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