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Napoléon I: ToTPP v015.1 and Lua UPDATED to version 1.3

"On December 2nd, 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte coronated himself as Emperor of France. By placing the crown upon his head with his own hands, Bonaparte brought Europe to the brink of war. For by its very nature, the act of self-coronation threatened the rule and challenged the legitimacy of every government then in existence.

To safeguard the sanctity of divine right and position based on noble birth, the European monarchies branded Bonaparte an international outlaw and pledged to remain at war with France until the Corsican usurper was overthrown and the Bourbon rule restored.

For the next ten years, the fate of the French Empire rested on the abilities of one man; as a warrior, and as a peacemaker."

Can you as the Emperor of France do better than your historical counterpart and become the absolute ruler of Europe or will you meet the same fate and find yourself exiled on a remote and desolate island to live out your remaining days?



Napoleon SS 1.png

At the gates of Wien during the War of the 3rd Coalition.

Napoleon SS 2.png

Smolensk, a roadblock on the way to Moskva during the invasion of Russia.

Victory Conditions

There are a number of ways for the French player to win or lose the game.

You can win a decisive victory if you control 11 of more objective cities.

You can suffer an automatic decisive defeat if either: • Paris is captured by the Coalition, or • Napoleon is killed a second time in battle.

House Rules

There are eight house rules in this scenario that I strongly recommend human players adhere to, which are:

Firstly, changing city names is not permissible. A number of events apply to specific cities and altering names will render them inactive.

Secondly, it is forbidden to build new roads or upgrade to cobbled roads on the ‘European’ map.

Thirdly, the building of new cities is prohibited.

Fourthly, French "Sapeurs" may only build Siege Works tile improvements.

Fifthly, pillaging of roads and cobbled roads is prohibited.

Sixthly, it is STRICTLY forbidden to re-home any of your French minor power units.

Seventhly, the ONLY production that is EVER allowed for the cities on the ‘European Powers’ map is the ‘(Money Market)’ improvement.

Eighthly, it is equally forbidden from reassigning the citizens of your cities on the ‘European Powers’ map to other tiles.

For more important information, please read the scenario's Readme file.

Please read the scenario's new v1.3 Readme file as it has been updated and contains new valuable information on the house rules and game concepts

Special Note

I would like to extend a very special note of gratitude to my partner Knighttime whose invaluable lua programming skills made this project possible.

A thank you to John Petroski, McMonkey, Northerner, countmc and Techumseh for all their play testing and invaluable feedback, which I hope served to make version 1.1 a better scenario.

A special thank you to countmc, who revealed some unforseen logic errors in the event file that have contributed to release version 1.2.

A thank you to countmc and Prof. Garfield for their suggestions, many of which were incorporated into version 1.3

Special Instructions

IMPORTANT - This game is designed to be played as the French player ONLY. Do not even attempt to play any other power!

IMPORTANT - You must run the “Napoleon_ONE” batch file, and select option #1 before you begin the game!

IMPORTANT - The scenario has been designed around TheNamelessOne's TOTPP version 0.15.1 ([1]). You must have it installed to play the game

VERY IMPORTANT - You must install the lua folder, which is included in the v 0.15.1 ZIP file (and which includes the civlua.lua, functions.lua and init.lua files), in the root directory of your Civilization Test of Time folder


Install version 1.3 into a 'Napoléon' folder in your ToT main folder. Please delete any previous version first if you had already installed one. There are 3 'new' sound files in the main scenario folder which you simply need to copy and add to the main Sound folder.

Note: you can replace the current version of the units.bmp file with the attached file located in the Units_Nap_v1.3 zip. It contains newer Neapolitan, Polish and Spanish leader units.

Scenario Files v1.3

Updated Units.bmp for v1.3

Sound Files

ReadMe Files v1.3

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