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id (get) -> integer

Returns the id of the improvement.

name (get) -> string

Returns the name of the improvement (e.g. "Barracks").

prereq (get/set)

improvement.prereq -> tech

Returns the prerequisite tech of the improvement. Ephemeral.

cost (get/set)

improvement.cost -> integer

Returns the cost of the improvement in rows. Multiply by civ.cosmic.shieldRows for the actual production cost. Ephemeral.

cantSell (get/set)

improvement.cantSell -> boolean

Returns `true` if the improvement cannot be sold, `false` otherwise. Requires the "Improvement flags" patch. Ephemeral.

onCapture (get/set)

improvement.onCapture -> integer

Returns what happens to this improvement when a city is captured (0 - Default, 1 - Preserve, 2 - Destroy, 3 - Random). Requires the "Improvement flags" patch. Ephemeral.

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