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id (get) -> integer

Returns the id of the wonder.

name (get) -> string

Returns the name of the wonder.

city (get/set) -> city

Returns the city that has built the wonder, `nil` if not built yet or destroyed.

destroyed (get)

wonder.destroyed -> boolean

Returns whether or not the wonder is destroyed. Use wonder:destroy() to set this field.

prereq (get/set)

wonder.prereq -> tech

Returns the prerequisite technology of the wonder. Ephemeral.

cost (get/set)

wonder.cost -> integer

Returns the cost of the wonder. Ephemeral.

expires (get/set)

wonder.expires -> tech

Returns the tech that renders the wonder obsolete, or `nil` if there isn't any. Ephemeral.



Alias for `civ.destroyWonder(wonder)`.

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