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Community Sites with Active Forums
Languages: English only is the hub of the Civilization community on the Internet. Apolyton has active forums with very knowledgeable contributors. The database lacks luster.
Languages: English only Civilization Fanatics' Center: a great site with lots of content and active forums. The database the most current on the net. This is were I go to get files.

Fan Pages

Languages: English only Scenario League: Read scenario reviews and gain the wisdom of the masters from the extensive scenario design tips section.
Languages: English only The Spanish Civilization II Site: It has a well organized and extensive collection of scenarios, mods and graphics by the well respected scenario designer, Jesús Balsinde.
Languages: English only Civilization Scenario Collection: The CSC has not been updated since 2000. None-the-less it contains a substantial collection of scenarios and resources for Civ II - FW.
Languages: Spanish only ELTARANNA: (Spanish Only) This Civilization II web site not been updated since 2000.
Languages: German only Das Civ2 Paradies: (German Only) There is not much I can say about this site since I can not read German. It has been around awhile and is active.
Languages: English only Kestral's Page: David Hudson has done extensive work with ToT and has some excellent Modpacks.
Languages: English only Ancient Empires: Kull's site has several great scenarios including the Odyssey, winner of the third scenario design contest for Fantastic Worlds.
Languages: English only Carl Fritz's Page: This excellent website contains utilities, scenario design tip, and a number of quality scenarios written by the author.
Languages: German and English Civ2000: Bernd Brosing has great site with a quantity of resources. This is a must visit site for the serious civer.
Languages: German and English Mathais' Civ II site: (German Only) Excellent list of Internet resources for the scenario designer.
Languages: French only
Languages: English only Mercator's Civilization: This site has the largest and best collection of maps on the Internet. While you are there check out his scenarios, they are very cool.
Languages: English only Alex's War Gallery: Alex has a large collection of high quality historical units and some of the best Civilization scenarios in the world.
Languages: French and English
Languages: English only
Languages: French and English Pano's CivII Page: Scenarios and maps by the creator of the Multi-file Editor.

Game Companies
Languages: English only Firaxis: Sid's new company since leaving Microprose. Civilization III is made by Firaxis.
Languages: English, Spanish, French, German and others Infogrames: has aquired Microprose, and let it wither away.
Languages: English only Activision: the maker of Civilization: Call to Power 2.

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