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The Winged Bull

Patch V1.1 for Civilization II: Test of Time (3.4 MB) by Hasbro Interactive
This is a critical patch for Test of Time. Do not play without it! It fixes several serious bugs especially in the Extended Game.

Patch V1.1 English Version

Patch V1.1 French Version.

Patch V1.1 German Version.
Sept 23, 1999

The MOD Manager (381 KB) by Angelo Scotto

This program helps ToT players to manage their MOD files. A lot of feature are not implemented yet but the program is quite useful.

MODManager lets you play your favorites MODS without wasting time moving around the files. It archives new MODS with an easy "Plug&play" interface and makes backup copies of standard ToT files automatically.

Version 1.0

June 15, 2001

No Limits Add-on for ToT (938 KB) by Julius Brenzaida

This is an improved version of the Test of Time civ2.exe program. This new version allows you to :

  • Generate random maps of up to 32,767 squares (instead of only 10,000)
  • Have more than 320,000,000 people
  • Accumulate more than 30'000 gold in your treasury

October 3, 2000

Civilization Scenario Programming Library (985 KB) by Angelo Scotto

CSPL is a C++ library used to access Test of Time memory while ToT is running. You can see CSPL as a new events language very powerful (and complex...) to realize new scenarios, anyway, since CSPL simply modifies Tot memory you can also use it to realize in-game utilities or mod-packs which drastically changes civ game rules. As you can imagine the only drawback is that you need to know a bit of C language to code CSPL programs. (CSPL should be used with Borland C++ 5.5 compiler which can be downloaded for free from borland web site)

October 3, 2000

Map Edit a Civ2 map utility (1.9 MB) by Jorrit Vermeiren

Jorrit has created the ultimate map utility.

  • Converting Civilization II maps to 256-color (8-bit) uncompressed Windows bitmaps and vice versa,
  • Opening multiple maps and bitmaps,
  • Adjusting dimensions of existing maps,
  • Flipping and inverting maps,
  • Creating oversized maps, i.e. maps with a surface greater than 10,000,
  • Removing resources from a map,
  • Previewing the changes you make to your maps,
  • Dragging and dropping files to the editor to open them,
    Interacting with other applications in changing a map.

Version 1.00

Oct 6, 2000

CivTweak a scenario field editor (11 KB) by Carl Fritz

CivTweak is simply the coolest Civ II utility ever written. If you are a scenario designer this program is a must have.

  • You can reassign city styles to the civilizations to get the right look. You can even assign city styles without the prerequisite techs.
  • You can change these settings: difficulty, barbarian activity, blood lust, simplified combat, and don't restart tribes. Normally if you mess these flags up, you have to start over.
  • You can add a tribe when you start with less than 7 tribes and have changed your mind.
  • Finally you can change the barbarian form of government (Democracy = unbribable barbarians!) and their gold.

It works with Classic Civilization II, Conflicts in Civilization, Fantastic Worlds, Multi-player Gold Edition AND Test of Time scenario files.

This program requires vbrun300.dll to run.

Version 1.5

Nov. 11, 2000

CivCity scenario file editor (11 KB) by Carl Fritz
Another fabulous scenario editing program. I had the honor of beta testing this program, so I can tell you first hand what a huge time saver this utility is. It allows you change all kinds of city parameters, many of which can only be changed by hex-editing. CivCity allows you to set up trade routes, change trade commodities and select which improvements a city has. City parameters such as owner, founder, the food box, the disorder flag and more can be set.
This program requires vbrun300.dll to run.

Version 1.2

Jan. 21, 2001

The CivConverter V1.4 (394 KB) by Angelo Scotto
Convert your Fantastic Worlds and Multi-player Gold Edition scenarios to Test of Time format with this clever utility. Version 1.4

March 16, 1999

Mfe a Multi File Editor (303 KB) by Pano
Mfe is a utility for scenarios for Civilization 2. It allows you to make easily multi-files scenarios and scenarios which will be easy to use for players. It's a program you run at the same time as civ2 and you use it each time that some files need to be changed. It runs with any version of Civilization II upper than 2.6.2 (that means with Conflicts in Civilization, Fantastic Worlds or Multi-player Gold Edition).

Version 1.00 Designers

April 25, 2000

The Gif Extractor Beta 3 (206 KB) by Rune Berge
Change the graphics, like leader pictures, that are embedded in Civilization's DLL files.  Oct. 20, 1999

The Hex Wizard The Hex Wizard by G. Haslbeck
This is a Freeware hex editor. The program is in English, but the help is only in German.  Jan. 1, 2000

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