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The Time Threat Paradox
 a Sci-fi Civ2:ToT Scenario
by Mick Uhl
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  Scenario (11 MB)  Nov 1, 1999 Cam Hills: 24 of 30

This is the second 'official' Test of Time scenario from Microprose's renowned scenario designer Mick Uhl (credits include FW's The World of Jules Verne, and both the FW and ToT Midgard scenarios) - and as such you'd expect it to outstanding. One cannot help but to conclude that the two scenarios are designed as a model for independent scenario authors to learn from as much as to play, such is the widespread use of ToT's new event features.

In terms of mood, this scenario is arguably closest to the Conflicts in Civilizations' Alien scenario, although the structure and story is more complex and the game more challenging.

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